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Game reviews: It's purpose?

I have gotten an obsession with “defining” a better way to review in particular video games. I have looked around the Internet and it seems that I am not alone in this thinking. In this blog I am mostly focused on the “purpose” part, not “how to get there”. This is the scope of future blogs.

While several people on the Internet discusses the possibility to have “objective reviews”, this is not my key focus. Of course, games could certainly be judged much more objectively on some accounts but as long as people review video games there is no such thing as an objective review. There are examples, however, where adding some objective elements to the review would help “bias” readers (possibly even the reviewer). As one recent example, it was interesting to see how much negativism a game like Resident Evil 6 got because of its Quick Time Events (QTEs). This is clearly a subjective matter, but a measurement of how often you are doing QTE (either by means of numbers per hour or as fraction of game-play) would help the reader understand if this is big issue or not. I was completely surprised how few QTE events this game had after having read lots of reviews, in fact QTE is a very small part of the total time spent in the campaign. There are many similar examples, but this brings me to the main point here.

In my mind, the key purpose of a good review should be to help the reader understand if the game is worth playing or not. There are other purposes in reality of course, e.g. the purpose of sharing an experience with fellow games having played the game (common on forums) or to write down one’s experience in order to assist developers in understanding what worked and what didn’t for a particular individual. I think a review can be written so it serves multiple purposes but to me the key aspect is still to help newcomers decide if the game is worth playing or not.

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